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Protect your valuable property

Kept your valuable property safe by getting a Digital Asset ID, based on Blockchain Technology. This assigns OWNERSHIP to you and verifies authenticity. Transfer your asset easily to a buyer. Learn more

1. Open a Free Account and start creating Digital ID for you valuable Property

2. Create A Digital ID, you can use our app to take pictures of the property and the Serial Number

3. When you receive the Tamper Proof Label or Token, apply for example it to your laptop or put your token in a safe place


Access your Private Keys on our server and transfer ownership

We the Blockchain Technology that creates unique private and public key. All you have to do is create an account and start getting keys
for your tokens.

Just use a QR Code Reader to view the ownership record of an item.

Use any QR Code Reader to scan the attached token or tamper proof label to view ownership and transaction history

Report a stolen item so Law Enforecement & Insurance Companies are informed

Once an item is stolen you still have proof of ownership with your private key.

advanced security

We have multiple layers of security and techniques to stay one step ahead of conterfeiters.

monitor scanned results

Login to review the scanned results of your products.

law enforecement have access to scans

Law enforcement and manufacturers will also have information of mobile scanned results. is a platform that allows you to asign a digital value and true ownership to your valuable property. Once title is assigned to you it is proof of ownership and authenticity which can then be digitally transferred in exchange for currency. Just create an account and starting adding your asstes like your laptop, cell phone, bigscreen TV, bycycle, designer shoes, handbags, watch, telescope, computer, scate board, guns, jewellery, tablet, musical instruments, painting and all those items you value. We use Blockchain Technology for the transaction which can never be altered by anyone. A Private Key and Public Key is created for each asset. You will receive an Token or Tamper Proof Label that displays the public key. The Private Key that proves ownership remains in your possession until you are ready to transfer your asset. The public key and QR Code will be printed on either a tamper proof label or a digital token. Pocession of this token or label will show visibile ownenship. As a supply chain concept it would be great if the manufacturer created the first ledger transaction and then when the retail sale occurs the owner will get the transfer of vaule. This will link the Brand Authenticity.

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