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Use our secure encrypted codes to protect your products from counterfeiters. We make it financially unprofitable to duplicate our tokens using Patented random encryption dynamic algorithm and multiple layers of security. Learn more


Access your codes on our server

We have a proprietary unique code generator that authenticates you valuable merchandise from counterfeiters. All you have to do is create an account and start getting codes
for your tokens.

Customers download the app to authenticate your merchandise

Once customers have downloaded the FREE app they scan the attached token to authenticate the merchandise

use a 3d printer to create unique tokens

There are many ways a manufacturer can use the codes on tokens. The most unique and protective method is to create specific tokens on location via a 3D printer provided by us.

advanced security

We have multiple layers of security and techniques to stay one step ahead of conterfeiters.

monitor scanned results

Login to review the scanned results of your products.

law enforecement have access to scans

Law enforcement and manufacturers will also have information of mobile scanned results.

We want to protect you

louis vuitton

Had they been sold on the U.S. market, the counterfeit handbags and wallets the CBP seized would have been valued at more than $200 million, comprising 15% of the total estimated value of all pirated goods.


In July of last year, the CPB obtained 10,788 counterfeit Gucci and Coach handbags arriving from China in a single shipment


Alibaba counters that it, too, is a victim of counterfeiters and is working to fight them. The company has more than 2,000 staff devoted to the problem. They pore over dodgy listings flagged up by Alibaba’s algorithms and by brand-owners.


Of the nearly 30,000 seized shipments last year, 2,818 — or one in every 10 — were footwear products. This is approximately double the level of counterfeit footwear products seized the year before

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